International Bollard Load Testing (BLT)® Contract at Damen Shipyard

Damen Shiprepair Schiedam

The first international Bollard Load Testing (BLT)® contract has been completed at Damen Shipyard in Schiedam, the Netherlands.

Being one of the world’s leading international shipbuilding companies, Damen Shipyards Group operates 40 ship and repair yards in 35 countries, employing over 8,000 personnel worldwide.

With endeavour to continue to deliver its Guaranteed Performance Bond to its clients, Damen has adopted the BLT Service to assess and certificate the integrity of its mooring bollards and surrounding structures, confidence in which is now being increasingly sought by vessel owners.

In keeping with Damen’s core family values; the adoption of the BLT Service is also safeguarding its workforce, by considerably reducing the Health and Safety issues associated with previous methods of bollard testing.

Damen now intends to rollout the innovative BLT Service throughout its shipyards.

Bollard Load Testing at Damen Shipyard
Bollard Load Testing at Damen Shipyard