Examples and Consequences of Failed Bollards

  • Vessels can break free leading to damage resulting in multi million pound insurance claims
  • Lost time and inconvenience in re-berthing the vessel
  • Replacing bollards is very expensive if they don’t require it and could be tested easily
  • In the worst case, injuries and fatalities occur

Port of the Year, Port of Tyne in seeking a solution to minimise the above risks and to make sure that their 200 plus bollards were up to the job as intended found nothing that would meet their needs.

The Port in seeking a solution resulted in Bollard Load Testing Limited designing, manufacturing, testing and then the uptake of a unique, first of its kind transportable hydraulic bollard load testing rig. This process took a year to complete and work ensuring that bollards are fit for purpose on the River Tyne commenced along with the launch of the innovative new BLT service.

Examples of Failed Bollards

Reports of failed bollards are on the increase. Here are some examples.

Bollard Failure Example 1
Bollard Failure Example 2

The information links below all refer to bollard failures and the consequences in loss of life, time and finances.

Moored Cruise Ship – Bollard Failure

Watch this video clip from about the 30 second mark to see a bollard failing whilst being recorded by a tourist!

MARS Report – Failure of Shore Bollards

the-nautical-instituteThe Mariners’ Alerting and Reporting Scheme (MARS) is primarily a confidential reporting system run by The Nautical Institute to allow full reporting of accidents.

Click Here for report number 200539 on the failure of shore bollards.

Carnival Triumph – Bollard Failure

Someone was killed in an accident in which cruise ship Carnival Triumph broke free from its moorings.

OSHA fines BAE for negligence in the Carnival accident.

These articles give more facts about the incident and subsequent case.

Maritime Executive Article 1

Captain Grey Beard’s Blog

Maritime Executive Article 2

Cruise Ship Damages Quay

The 294 meter long, 92,600 gt cruise ship Costa Deliziosa caused considerable damage to the Skoltegrunns Quay at Bergen, Norway.

The cruise ship was preparing for departure when it broke loose ripping the bollards and parts of the quay into the sea.

Click here to read more of Shipwreck Log’s account of the incident.

Cruise Ship Damages Quay