BLT launches its innovative bollard data capture app


The iOS BLT App has been designed to enable ports, harbours and shipyards worldwide to readily and effortlessly capture their bollard data in two modes, being;

For the capture of data from untested bollards, such as GPS Location, Type, SWL and Image.

For the viewing of captured data from load tested bollards. This data is scanned via an identifying QR Code engraved into a stainless steel plate, which is adhered to the bollard after load testing. This combination of ‘tagging and tracking’ provides optimal asset management. Scan the QR Code below to view example bollard data.

All captured bollard data is seamlessly auto-uploaded in real-time to the bespoke designed BLT Portal. From where Job Plans are produced, Quotations subsequently prepared and, following the load testing of bollards, QR Code linked Test Certificates are verified and issued.

Click here to download the BLT app from the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, using iOS 11.0 or later.

BLT does not charge you to access mobile content.